Directed by Paul Bartel
84 minutes
In English

This is a classic cult movie that has been unscreened for ages. Directed by Paul Bartel (Eating Raoul, Death Race 2000) it is a very John Waters-ish affair, especially since it features the Grande Dame of transvestism Divine. It's a Western, but not really... that is just the decor. What it is, is a wacky, irreverent, colorful black comedy that takes nothing serious, and pokes holes in every convention. The cast is also bizarre... because besides drag-queen Divine, we also have old school movie stars Tab Hunter and Cesar Romero. It is the kind of screening for those who enjoy seeing obscure, neglected, bizarre movies that have been dug up from the past.

While crossing the barren countryside, Rosie (Divine) gets lost until she runs into a lone cowboy (Tab) and they start traveling together. That is until they hear about a buried treasure in the desert, and that changes all their plans. Although the film is trashy, it is actually more campy and lighthearted. Director Bartel was always off-beat, and this film flies by like a breeze. The real fuse is the dynamic chemistry between the two leads - Divine and Tab Hunter. Having said that, it should also be pointed out this is a female-centric Western, with women - Divine and actress Lanie Kazanover - as the strongest characters in the movie. Over-the-top, hilarious, and the kind of movie that needs to be seen with an audience... so don't even try to watch this by yourself like a poor lonely motherfucker.

This will be a high-definition screening.

+ There will be 20 minutes of short films before the feature.


ma 18/11/2019

* open: 18:00

*aanvang: 20:30

* entree: €3,-

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