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Directed by Michael Roemer and Robert Young
95 minutes
In English with English subtitles

This is a very special screening of Malcolm X's favorite film - Nothing But a Man - starring Ivan Dixon and a very young Abbey Lincoln (the legendary Jazz vocalist). Although critics loved the movie, and despite the fact it was internationally praised, it's rarely ever been screened. Made at a time when America was in the middle of the upheavals about civil rights issues, and after four children were killed in the firebombing of a church, two Jewish students (Michael Roemer and Robert Young) decided to head south and make a film about the real situation about black folks in Alabama. One of them had actually grown up in Germany and had experienced the Nazi attacks against his people during the Kristalnacht period. So the persecution of blacks in America was something he could recognize. Nothing But a Man was the result of that effort, and it remains one of the most unique and astounding films in the history of American cinema.

The 'Man' in the film is Duff Anderson, but the movie actually focuses on how his wife and he bothstruggle to survive in mid-1960's Alabama. This was a time when segregation was no longer legal, but was still widespread, so any black person who refused to submit to racism would soon be labeled a troublemaker. This flick isn't exploitative, nor sensationalized... it is simply an incredible document of how black communities lived every day from a street-level.

The drama is captured in a rough cinema verité documentary style... and shot with high-contrast black & white cinematography. To help pitch the right mood, the soundtrack is packed with genuine Motown revelations including cracking songs by Marvin Gaye, Martha and the Vandellas, The Marvelettes and Stevie Wonder.... all before they were accepted into the mainstream. Besides Abbey Lincoln and Ivan Dixon, the film features an early performance by Yaphet Kotto (Alien) and Moses Gun.

Outrageously rare screening of this bittersweet flick.

CINEMANITA @ De Nieuwe Anita    
Frederik Hendrikstraat 111 (Hugo de Grootplein)
Tickets go on sale at 16:00
Film starts at 16:30
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