di 28 april, 21.22 uur, donatie €2,-

Witte Gei't?

Elke dinsdag optredens in het cafe met telkens een gastprogrammeur.

Deze maand door Marloes, met Joel Havea, Drama Kings & Robbing Banks


Maaike knipt!


Op woensdag zijn we altijd gesloten!

do 30 april, 18.00 uur

Eten bij Robin Food 

Een heerlijk vegetarisch 3 gangen menu voor 9 euro!

reserveer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eten is tussen 18.00 en 21.00

Daarna is de bar gewoon open voor drankjes en gesprekjes.

vrijdag 1 mei, open 20.00 uur, aanvang 20.30, entree €8,-


RENDEZ-VOUS + Goodnight Moonlight + Waterlelyck

Purple Noise Record Club x Subbacultcha Present


Parisian quartet RENDEZ-VOUS are a bit like those psychics you sometimes see ads for. But instead of channeling some dead spirit from Atlantis, they let the ghosts of post-punk speak through their music. And they’re not dressed up in turbans and excessive jewelry, but skinny jeans and denim. Their music sounds a bit like the spooky side of workers’ rights, and you’d half expect them to hand out  enchanted leftist pamphlets at their show. Just don’t ask them to predict the future, because well, there probably isn’t one.



za 2 mei, 20.00 uur, entree €7,50

Beatniks Basement

live: Maarten Hogenhuis Trio (ultrahot bebop) & The Kopasetics (Kopajazz)

collage-art expo by Jalinka Gressmann

dj's Ir. Vendermeulen & Asnavoura playing the coolest of all them 40's/60's r'n'b & bongo-jazz sounds..


cool jazz and groove music, cool dance, fine arts, cult films, fab cocktails & party time!!!


howdy hepcats n chicks,

feel like blowing the jet for all bad energy and inferior sounds surrounding you at Dullsville Mokum, losing your head and getting bugged by un-cool squares jivin’ their trash on Wasteland? 

Instead bringing your green to the headshrinker, you can now do the houdini and follow us to Beatsville NL at the Amsterdam BeatClub "Beatniks Basement" in De Nieuwe Anita, man like wow!

Here you can dig the coolest of all live jazz-sounds, blended with off-the-wall poetry and wild free-dance, zip on your juicy cocktails while groovin’ to the far-out deejays spinning their oo-bop-sh’bam slides..

So, put on your beret and shades and we’ll tell you:

you’re hip at the Beatniks Basement, Daddy-O, now get tuned in, it’s the end!

yours truly, Ir.Venderbeatnik (ABC)

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maandag 4 mei, 18.00 en 20.30 uur

Eten bij Robin Food!

Tussen 18.00 en 21.00 kun je voor €9,- een  vegetarisch 3 gangen menu eten bij onze achterburen.

Reserveren: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Elke week een film uit de kast van Jeffrey.

Kaartverkoop vanaf 19.30, film start om 20.30, entree €3,-


en verder:

De Nieuwe Anita

Frederik Hendrikstraat 111

1052 HN Amsterdam



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Zit die agenda wel vol genoeg?

Check het!

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