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Do 31 juli en vr 1 aug, 20.00 uur, entree vrij

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Zaterdag 2 aug , 20.00 uur, entree €8,-



+ Fetter
Young Magic met in Brooklyn back in 2007, but like typical itchy-footed Aussies, founding members Isaac Emmanuel and Michael Italia spent the next few years travelling through Europe and the Americas. In the meantime, Indonesia-born Melati Melay held down the fort in NYC. In 2011 the trio found themselves reunited in the same zip code and raring to record together. Given the band’s globetrotting tendencies, it makes sense that the resulting debut, Melt, sounded like a melting pot of influences from around the world, ranging from psychedelia to shoegaze, trip hop and world music. Italia has since left the band, and the now-duo has reigned in the psych tendencies of their earlier work in favour of a more electronics-heavy sound on their new album. While there’s no shortage of acts pairing sultry female vocals with dystopian beats these days, Young Magic avoid many of what some would consider the pitfalls of their synth-pop peers, and at its best, Breathing Statues breathes life into an oft cold and somewhat lifeless genre.

zo 3 aug, 21.00 uur,entree 5 euro

Merel Moistra met haar voorstelling Mindfuck op Wandelgympen

Is Merel Moistra een comédienne of cabaretière? Voornoemde type grappenmaakster zet het publiek graag op het verkeerde been, maar.... Merel Moistra heeft geen verkeerd been. Het zijn allebei, stuk voor stuk, TOP benen. Nee, Merel Moistra gaat het verkeerde been voorbij. Merel Moistra beent graag uit. Merel Moistra gaat tot op het bot. Merel Moistra draait niet om de hete brei heen. Merel Moistra gaat direct voor de hoofdprijs. Merel rukt aan de fundamenten van uw brein. Nee, erger, Merel Moistra IS een Breinfuck ...... op Benen! En wat voor benen!

ma 4 aug, 21.00 uur, bar en kaartjes 20.00 uur, entree €3,-


(החיים על פי אגפא/ Ha-Chayim Al-Pi Agfa)
Directed by Assi Dayan
100 minutes
In Hebrew with English subtitles

This is a crazy and beautiful Israeli cult film which is set in some of the most downbeat districts of Tel Aviv. The movie starts out quite fragmented, while we jump around watching the lives of several unconnected groups of people, whose destiny is made clear when they all end up one night at a local dive bar called Barbie run by two women who are looking for love in a love-less world.

The film marvelously captures the wild and bittersweet mood of a late-night bar, where everyone is on edge... an atmosphere with a worn-out and frazzled sense of poetry. There is a melancholic pianist rolling out the tunes as all of the pent-up frustrations of a society that is collapsing come to a head in this small location. Considered today to be a cult masterpiece, this film was the first of a black comedy trilogy by visionary filmmaker-poet Assi Dayan, who died recently (2 months ago).

This will be an outrageously rare cinema screening of this riveting piece of celluloid. A must.

dinsdag 5 aug, aanvang 21.17 uur, bar open 20.00 uur, donatie €2,-

Witte Gei't?

Met Brett Newski & Max Meser, Jeff & Vicky en Fabels


Maaike knipt!


do 7 en vr 8 aug, 20.00 uur, vrij toegang

Bar Is Open!

 Vrijdag draait Prutser de platen.

Za 9 aug, 21.00 uur, entree €8,-


Met Protomartyr en TV Wonder

Detroit's Protomartyr make violence, betrayal and corruption pretty. On their 2013 debut, distorted scissor punches and spirally BPMs made up an uncompromising sonic anger with clearly defined punk strokes. At the start of what now seems to have been a breaking point for new guitar music with fists, they were already a head above the rest. But this year's speedy follow-up, Under Color of Official Right, proves the US five-piece can filter generations of rage and social toxicity into compositions with post-punk innovativeness, wide dynamics and razor sharp clarity. This is a band with a point you're happy to be speared on.

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